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It's finally here ... your official Hollywood Walk of Fame star locator and info iPhone app
2010-08-18 15:42:14

	You have traveled from far and you cannot find your favorite star. Do not get lost amidst the stars you have never heard of. 

With the The Official Hollywood Walk of Fame App By Hollywood Chamber of Commerce you will be able to view information and news about all of the 2,400+ stars on the Walk of Fame. No other app will give you the accurate and official information, and no other app will give you up to date information on recent star inductions and upcoming ceremonies.  (this from their iTunes store description) ...

It's $1.99 and I have not tried it but surely sounds like an interesting product ...

And on the serious note. Once you do make your way to Hollywood Blvd adn its vicinity you will note the hundreds of stars and most will be marked with names you have never heard of. So if you really want to take a photo with your favorite star, either investigate the location in advance or just get this app ...

and here
iconis the link to it (forgot to add in original post) 

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