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How to make a perfect cup of tea.
2010-10-08 12:36:53

	I ran across this article from The Guardian, circa 2003. It provides quite the explanation how to make a perfect cup of tea. After reading it, I am sure you will get a craving to make some immediately. I did ...


and now a true story about tea ...

A friend of our family grew up in India. She was taught from a young age how to make the perfect cup of tea. Taste was not the only thing that mattered. The way it was prepared was as important, as was the way it was served and consumed. She remembers many a scolding after an improper move .. fast forward to today ... She makes the best cup of tea anywhere. I hesitated for a long time to ask her about her secret but finally inquired about the process. Her response was too simple. Take a tea bag, place in a cup with hot (just boiled) water, cover and leave in three minutes (not a second more). Add some skim milk, sugar and enjoy. Then the final question came about. Which type of tea produces this magic? It was regular Lipton tea. What?!? Yes, that was her secret. I have since then become a connoisseur of regular Lipton tea, prepared as she had instructed me. I enjoy it on a daily basis. Thank You! 

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