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Total Lunar Eclipse Coming Our Way on December 21, 2010,
published on Dec 17, 2010
	Total lunar eclipses are not that uncommon. What makes this one so special is that it is occurring on the day of the Winter solstice. That is the longest night of the year. Then to make it even more interesting there will be a total lunar eclipse that will last for seventy two minutes, not including the time it will take the moon to get into position, so to speak. The event will be visible to a large population on our plant, but North America and South America seem to have an advantage. Since it will start around 9.30 Pacific Time, Los Angeles and California residents do not have to stay up late either to view it. How awesome is that? Lunar eclipses do not require special viewing apparatus either, just look up and do not strain your neck. Happy lunar holiday eclipse! 

Here are some sites that have all the technical, geographical and other data about this cool event. NASA Wikipedia From these locaitons, there is a ton of other information linked ...

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