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Lunch at the Gypsy Den in Santa Ana, California,
published on Dec 31, 2010
	We enjoyed some quality kid playing time at the Kidseum in Santa Ana this past weekend. The spacious play rooms, hands on instruments, dress up area, art room and what not made for an activity filled morning. That meant that as lunch time was approaching we were thinking more about food and less about play. We were eager to try something unique in this part of town. The lady that works at the kidseum, though most friendly and helpful during various kids projects did not provide us with good suggestions. They were mostly the usual major fast food chains. We searched on our smartphone and several well reviewed places popped up. Gypsy Den appeared solid and not too distant. We called them. They replied to our main questions. They were open, no big crowd and they had high chairs. Cool. Let's go.
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We parked on N Broadway near the restaurant. The surrounding area is a transpiring art section of Santa Ana. Some interesting and funky galleries, shops and restaurants are in the vicinity. At the corner of Broadway and 2nd (walk street) we noticed the entrance and made our way inside. The interior is quite large, filled with mismatched wooden chairs and tables. Artwork is everywhere, as are exotic lamps, draperies, beads and similar decorations. Very artsy and pleasant. Our server let us choose our seat and brought out the high chairs. I could totally see this as being a popular neighborhood gathering spot. The menu looked promising with home made/style eatables. We decided to order: A Bagel Egg Sandwich (toasted bagel topped with cream cheese, scrambled eggs 7 tomato served with fruit), Grilled Chicken sandwich (provolone, grilled onions, tomato, lettuce, mayo on a fresh baked baguette) and the Waldorf Chicken (chicken with diced apples, celery, walnuts, grapes and mayo with lettuce on a fresh croissant) with soup of the day (tortilla soup) and a chocolate chip cookie. We selected the entrees because they were highly praised by the server. The food arrived within 10-15 minutes. Portions were large and hearty. The grilled chicken was on an amazing baguette, very tender and flavorful. This would be enough for two lunches. The side chosen was potatoes. They were just plainly sliced and fried potatoes, pleasantly spicy and crispy. The raspberry vinaigrette for the side salad was great. The egg bagel was made with probably the best tasting bagel I have had in a long time. Fluffy, tender inside, lightly crunchy outside and full of flavor. Topped with eggs and cream cheese this was a winner. The Waldorf Chicken was also very good with nice homemade bread and good ingredients but did not excite us too much. The soup was great. Finally, the chocolate chip cookie was warmed up and all, but not to my personal liking. It was too smooth, without any exotic ingredients or extra heartiness. All in all, a great meal in a great setting. Very comfortable place with good service. Their breads are absolutely amazing. We learned that they make all of their breads in house. Boy do they do it well. Being a bread junky, The Gypsy Den will definitely be on my list of places to revisit. They have an extensive list of coffee drinks as well, but since we had multiple caffeine fills that morning we skipped out. Next time, definitely. Prices were most reasonable for the quality of the food and the amount of food. Our bill came out to around thirty five dollars which is favorable nowadays. Afterwards, we walked around and looked at the various gallery windows. Most, if not all were closed on this Sunday. It would be very nice to complement your meal with some hip art and make it an enjoyable day. Check out Gypsy Den. They have really good food and if you like good bread, then start your car or catch that bus. The Gypsy Den 125 North Broadway, Santa Ana, CA (714) 835-8840

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