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Lunch Buffet at India's Tandoori Restaurant on Rosecrans Ave in Hawthorne, CA,
published on Jun 09, 2011
	It seems like the proprietors of India's Tandoori restaurant do understand the importance of good online reviews. Their Yelp page is quite impressive with over two hundred reviews and an average rating of over four stars. That many people cannot be wrong, I always say, so I decided to give them a try. Since the initial visit I have eaten there at least ten times. It is usually during lunch time for their buffet. The restaurant is located near the intersections of Rosecrans and Inglewood avenues. In a standard run of the mill strip mall look for their sign. Parking is plentiful at one of the many available spots nearby.

Rate and Review : Lunch Buffet at India's Tandoori Restaurant on Rosecrans Ave in Hawthorne, CA 

The interior reminds me of many other local Indian establishments. Classic high back chairs, white tablecloths, various art pieces and decorations from India and the inevitable TV playing song and dance videos from India. Service is top notch here. Even though I just come for the lunch and do not remain there for more than twenty minutes, they take the time to welcome you, seat you and always respond immediately to your requests. This is all done very politely and without any kind of attitude. I would say one of the places around with nicest service. Food is arranged in multiple warming dishes behind a glass separator. They have over ten choices each time. Several types of rice, vegetable dishes, korma, tikka masala, salads, sweets, appetizers. it's all there. It varies slightly but as far as I could see the staple items are always there. I always get the creamy korma and/or masala, rice, tandoori chicken, spinach, some potato and lentil dishes, currys and appetizers. The food is great. Flavorful, with a nice blend of herbs and spices though not too spicy. I usually eat two plates which is way more than I should. Nan arrives within 5-10 minutes of seating. It is excellent, thin and crispy and one of my favorite parts of the meal. I don't always go for the dessert but when I do it's for the rice pudding and some fresh fruit. The restaurant is approximately half full during lunch time. You can tell that guests here are mostly repeat customers as they immediately make for the buffet line. That's a good sign. Price for the buffet is just under eleven dollars. Not cheap but not expensive either. Seems like recently, all Indian buffets in the neighborhood decided to raise their prices from $7 to $11 at almost the same time. What can you do. Their web site provides all the info you need for a visit. All in all a great little place to get Indian food in the South Bay. Wonderful food and wonderful service. I am a regular so maybe we'll run into each other. One of these days I should go there for dinner and try some of the other items they serve. And I did figure out why they have some many reviews on Yelp. There is an offer of a discount if you post your opinion on Yelp. India's Tandoori 4850 West Rosecrans Ave. Hawthorne, CA 90250 310 675 5533

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