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Iced Green Tea Lemonade (and else) at the Tea Exchange in Manhattan Beach, CA,
published on Jul 12, 2011
	The Tea Exchange has had its storefront in Manhattan Beach Metlox Plaza for many a month now. When you walk, bike or walk into downtown via Manhattan Beach Blvd you cannot miss it. It blends nicely into the entire modern look and feel of this mall. Competition for coffee and tea dollars is quite fierce in this part of town (many other shops within minutes) so one has to be really really good to survive. I have visited The Tea Exchange several times in the past few weeks and here is my verdict.

Rate and Review : Iced Green Tea Lemonade (and else) at the Tea Exchange in Manhattan Beach, CA 

Staff is always very pleasant and makes you feel welcome there. That is a good start. I have had drinks in three categories here: iced green tea lemonade, black tea and cafe latte. Iced green tea lemonade is my favorite here. Very refreshing, delicious and prepared with just the right intensity and sweetness, for me anyways. When you order it, do not expect to get it just poured into your glass. They make the green tea just for that purpose. Green tea is brewed for 2-3 minutes, then poured over ice into a pre made (real stuff) lemonade. I keep coming back for this drink on a regular basis, especially now in the summer. I had to order black tea a couple of times, this is the Tea Exchange after all. I enjoy my tea with substantial bergamot flavor so I requested this from the staff. They walked me over to the tea area and had me smell several teas. Oooh nice, I thought of the smells. I picked out one, which they said is their customers' favorite. The tea barista scooped up a sample, adjusted knobs on the hot water machines, pushed and pulled levers, merged the water with the leaves, set the timer for the exact brewing time (only slightly exaggerated) and in several minutes I had a hot tea waiting for me. They added some milk for me, per request, I added the sugar and I could enjoy it. It was a really really good cup of tea. Very satisfying and with a very pleasing aroma. Cafe Latte was my order from the coffee family. I do like the lattes from Peet's and from Coffee Bean so they would be my comparisons. The latte was prepared by the barista within minutes. It too was really good. I expected the coffee to be sub par here (not sure why) but it was not. It was great. I will add this latte to my regular rotation in downtown Manhattan Beach. The store has multiple tables inside covering roughly a third of the space. One section includes the main counter behind which are the goodies and tea/coffee making machines. The rest is a shopping and tea sampling/smelling space. All very comfortable. Several tables outside have ocean view for those wanting a peak at the Pacific while peacefully sipping their drink (get it?) .. anyways ... Prices are in line with other similar establishments, coffees from 2-5 dollars, teas around 2-4, green tea lemonade 2.50-3.50. All in all a nice addition to this beach city. I am a regular now and I hope that they are around for a long time. Their only other location is in Lake Arrowhead which is a bit far for me to drive for tea ... Recommended! The Tea Exchange 451 Manhattan Beach Blvd., Metlox B102, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 (310) 545-9889

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